Commercial Real Estate Financing

Finance Your Commercial Needs

When it’s time to secure financing for your commercial real estate needs, the professionals at Stirling Capital Group are ready to assist. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our CRE loans can help you obtain funds for your specific needs. We offer financing for development, investment and owner-occupied properties, so there’s something available for every one of your business requests.

Designed to Fit Your Needs

Our commercial real estate financing includes terms to meet a range of property needs. Our portfolio of lenders include private lenders, private debt funds, real estate investment banks, and private equity groups.  Some of our covered requests include:

  • Conventional financing: Our conventional loan programs are second-to-none. They are the ideal, well-rounded solution for stabilized investments or all types of owner-occupied real estate.
  • Bridge and Hard Money loans: Need temporary financial help? A bridge loan may be a good choice. It gives you financing for a short period of time while you look for longer-term lending. Financing amounts starting at $500,000, including a variable interest rate and possible 80% loan-to-value ratio.  Lenders available to close international deals quickly!
  • SBA loans: This loan type can assist small business with their owner-occupied properties while taking advantage of great rates and flexible repayment terms. We often give these types of loans to borrowers who need money for Hotels and Owner-Occupied properties
  • CMBS Loans: Our Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities offer exceptional rates as well as fixed terms. They are first securitized, then moved to a trust and sold to investors.  Non-Recourse to borrower.  These loans close quickly, have low fixed rates, can be used for acquisition or refinance, 25 to 30 year amortization, interest only available , and are assumable for quick sale.
  • Value Add / Stabilization Funding: Expanding, upgrading or rehabbing, we have programs to help you increase your ROI.
  • All property types: We have lenders interested in all types of commercial property.  This includes Multi Family, Mixed use, Office, Industrial,Warehousing, Retail, Hotels, Senior Living, Student housing, and renewable energy.

To find out more about our commercial real estate financing solutions, get in touch with a member of our team. We’ll answer your questions and offer solutions to help you make an informed decision about which of our loan options is best for you. The best real estate deals don’t tend to stick around very long, and you may not have time to apply for a standard loan and wait days or potentially weeks for approval. At Stirling, we empower investors to take advantage of the best real estate deals by offering commercial real estate financing.