Small Business Loan

Cut Costs and Save Money With Low-Interest SBA Financing

It’s true that getting the best equipment or buying an attractive business location requires an investment, but it also saves your company a lot of money in the long run. With high-quality equipment and real estate, you can streamline your business operations and increase profits. At Stirling Capital Group, we can also save you money on interest rates for SBA financing. Discover the incredible options by getting started with an application right away.

How Does a Small Business Loan Save You Money?

It’s not always easy for small businesses to qualify for long-term loans. Short-term financing is easier to get, but it also carries higher interest rates, so it’s not a good option for purchasing equipment or real estate. Our small business loans provide the best of both worlds: easier qualification for small businesses and low interest rates.

What Can You Expect When You Apply for our SBA Financing?

We make it as easy as possible to get the terms that work for you:

  • Flexible payment structure
  • Large financing amounts
  • Low interest rates
  • High loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for lower down payment
  • Long repayment terms
  • Amortized loans

Our team can customize your loan to your specific needs. This includes adding working capital to the small business loan if your company has other needs in addition to equipment and real estate.

Why Is SBA Financing Accessible?

Small business loans aren’t too good to be true. The reason they’re so favorable for business owners is that they’re backed by the Small Business Administration. This reduces the requirements for small businesses while still offering incredible terms. You do need to fill in a detailed application, but our team can help with that.

What About Business Acquisition Loans?

We also finance business acquisition with our small business loans. This can help you expand your services smoothly. We provide generous terms and excellent financing amounts.

To see all of the ways we can help, contact us right away.