Construction and Development

Diverse Portfolio of Construction and Development Options

At Stirling Capital Group, we understand the complexities of construction and development.  That is why we have built a portfolio of over twenty lenders that specialize in each phase of the process.  These strategic partners, from non-traditional lenders to private equity and institutional investors, are very experienced in the industry.  Several look for the hard projects that get turned down at conventional banks.

  • Land: Undeveloped land can be hard to finance.  Stirling Capital Group has several lending sources that specialize in financing the first piece of your development project.  Need to move fast to secure the opportunity?  We offer quick close bridge loans designed for land acquisition.
  • Construction financing: When it’s time to construct a new space for your business or an income producing property, you can tailor this loan to suit your needs. Development Financing starts at $5,000,000 and ranges up to $500,000,000. Certain lenders will consider hospitality projects.
  • Mezzanine financing: With funding starting at $5,000,000 and ranging up to as much as $250,000,000 or more, this loan is great for helping finance larger projects.
  • Equity: Looking for Equity partners?  We have institutional and private equity groups willing to loan money or take an equity position in the right development projects.  Up to 90% of the total equity requirement for larger projects.
  • Permanent Financing: When construction is completing and the property moves to stabilization, it’s time to look at conventional financing.  We have great refinance options for properties moving into this stage.

Let us put our experience and resources to work for your project.  Our funding capabilities span the development to ownership cycle.  Contact us today to start the conversation.