About Us

About Stirling Capital Group

Who we are:

Stirling Capital Group is a commercial finance company.  Our portfolio of over fifty capital lending sources provides both breadth and depth in commercial funding capabilities. As experienced business professionals, we understand the need for capital.  Our experience in not monolithic. It includes CPA’s, Attorneys, CFO’s, Construction Managers, CRE Development Specialists, Operational Managers, etc.  Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors create jobs and economic growth by providing timely access to capital.

What we do:

Each lender in our portfolio specializes.  These lenders include non-depository lending institutions, investment banks, family offices, institutional investors and private equity lending groups that have one objective.  To deploy their capital by lending it in the marketplace.

What we don’t do is replace your current commercial banking relationship.  We supplement it.  We work with your commercial banker and protect that relationship.

How we do it:

As strategic partners to our lending sources, we are authorized to originate, pre-underwrite, process and close loans.  While we don’t make the final approval decision, we take on the role of your commercial finance consultant.  We have multiple lenders for each type of funding.  Once we review and understand your specific requirements, we source it with the appropriate lender.    Data shows that most commercial loan requests submitted to traditional commercial banks get denied.  We work to give our lenders reasons to say yes.  No matter how big or small your funding needs are, we follow the same customer centric approach.