Franchise Financing

Franchisers Can Often Use Financing Too

Because it already has a proven business model and set of products, opening a franchise business can be quite lucrative. On the other hand, you may need a large amount of up-front capital to do so.

This is where Stirling Capital Group can be of help. They offer a number of excellent financing options for businesses including franchise financing.

Details About Our Franchise Financing Programs

When you contain franchise funding from Stirling Capital Group you will notice a few aspects that you will probably consider quite advantageous for your business:

  • Extra funds to use as working capital
  • Low cost of financing, as low as 6%
  • Speedy receipt of your funds
  • Payment terms as long as 25 years
  • Simplified application process
  • Availability of financing when traditional lenders turn you down

What’s more, don’t worry if you are new to franchising or if you are a first-time owner. Our programs may be available to you as well. You may be able to finance up to 90% of your loan-to-value (LTV) situation!

Give Stirling Capital Group A Call

The professionals at Stirling Capital Group are ready and eager to take your call. They can answer any additional questions that you may have, perhaps even design a customer financing program build for your business’s specific needs. Get the funding your business need today.