Stirling Capital Group helps contractor complete acquisition

Stirling Capital Group is pleased to announce its participation in the successful sale / purchase of a construction contractor. It is rewarding to have the opportunity to fulfill our mission: helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors create jobs and economic growth by providing timely access to capital.

A partnership made an offer to acquire the business. The seller offered seller financing to facilitate a fast closing. After executing the sale and providing the down payment, buyer was preparing for the transition of open contracts, vendor accounts, etc. Understandably, they would need access to working capital for the first sixty to ninety days as progress payments cycled through the accounts receivable turn.

When they approached their commercial bank for a line of credit, the bank approved approximately 25% of what was requested. With the closing date fast approaching, they turned to Stirling looking for help. The time frame from our first phone call with the lender recommended by Stirling to the execution of a signed agreement totaled six working days! And, they were approved for twice the amount of what was originally asked of their commercial bank  ( high six figures).

Instead of putting off your project when you receive an unsatisfactory offer, contact us to speak with a financial advisor about getting a second opinion. Whether its business acquisitions, commercial real estate, construction loans, development project financing, or real estate investing, providing alternative access to capital through private lending sources is what we do.